To introduce a unique range of products inspired by
the latest generation of scientific and technological innovations
that respond to modern consumers’ demandsfor a better quality of life

It is Lifestar’s mission to bring the same new technological advances available elsewhere around the world to consumers in Thailand. As a world-class leader in global innovations, we are improving the lives of consumers. Our products are the fruit of research by scientists from leading institutes around the globe, who have developed the technologies for extracting pure essences from nature and transforming them into specially-formulated beauty, health and wellness products.

Lifestar carries an exclusive range of brands,

each with its own distinctive character and each with a unique formula for addressing specific beauty and health care needs, designed for both men and women and for every lifestyle.
All our products are highly effective, reasonably priced, and in compliance with the most stringent international standards. They also contain properties specially suited to the needs of Asian consumers. This is the goal of our research and the criterion behind the careful selection of our ingredients – to serve consumers here in Asia.

Lifestar’s range of beauty and health care products
represent the latest innovations in the field.

They are the most effective, the most modern, and, of course, the safest products on the market.
And in the future, consumers can be assured that Lifestar will continue to improve, taking advantage of the latest advances in science and technology. We will introduce new formulas and brands to satisfy the ever-changing demands of today’s consumer.